Are you Operating From Love or Fear? (#063)

Are you Operating From Love or Fear? (#063)

Most of us desire to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. However, no one ever knows when we will discover our life’s purpose. Finally, however, there comes the point in our lives where we find it out, on our own. My guests today are two gentlemen who help the entrepreneurs in living out their purpose and legacy. Nikhil Agharkar, a serial entrepreneur and business development executive, and Casey Berman, entrepreneurial strategy executive, researcher, and a former attorney, join us today to discuss how to figure out your North Star and why that matters while ensuring that you are not just creating a hamster wheel for yourself.

Show Notes

Inner Voice – Nick and Casey share their perspective of the inner voice they heard at one point in their lives. However, as they say, only a very few dare to let it in, although it is hard to deny. 

Love and Fear - According to Casey, the decisions we take are choices between love and fear. He defines fear as the absence of love. Moreover, he emphasizes that a choice from a place of love is more potent than a choice from a place of fear. 

Changing Gears - Casey and Nick share their life experiences and talk about when and how they heard their inner voices and what changes they made in their lives after that.

Childhood and the Parents - Nick talks about his childhood and the impact he had on his inner voice by his mother.  He highlights the influence that a child gets during his childhood by their parents and its significant impact on their future decisions. 

Say No - Nick stresses the value of saying no to opportunities if they do not tally with your way. Then, we talked about how important it can be in business as well as in life. 

Understand the Vision and Mission - Casey and Nick discuss how they help their clients to understand their vision and mission. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of saying no to opportunities that do not decently match your vision.

Question Yourself – Casey pointed out the necessity of questioning yourself to make a great decision. According to him, giving yourself a chance and time to think and analyze always leads to better choices. On the other hand, as Nick says, it is not a wise decision to respond immediately. Instead, we need to give ourselves some time to think deeply and dive into the decision before us. 

Heart-Centered Decisions – Casey spotlights the power of heart-centered choices. He asks us to imagine ourselves saying yes or and then asks us to analyze the feelings. Then, if we feel at peace with the decision, such a decision is right for us.

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Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you found that conversation helpful and inspiring. Anytime I get to talk about sports, that just adds to the fun for me. So here are my three insights for thriving. 

  1. I loved what Casey said about framing our choices as the choice between fear and love. What are we making our choices based on? And how much more powerful is it when we’re coming from a place of love and not fear? 

  2. When Nick was talking about identifying the North Star of the business, or your life for that matter, and how by doing that we are also what we’re also doing is setting up the guardrails that help keep us on track, because that gives us a way to identify which are opportunities are right for us, and which opportunities really don’t fit. I think that is an important question for any business. And any person is, what do I say yes to? And, conversely, what should I say no to.  

  3. Late in the conversation, when we were talking about distractions and how to manage those, I really loved the advice that they both gave, you know, first of all, Nick said, don’t respond immediately give ourselves that space to really think about the decision before us, instead of it being a knee jerk reaction. This has been something that I had to put into practice for myself years ago. And I can tell you; it has saved me some pain over the years. If a person says, “Hey, I need your answer on this ASAP,” I respond, and I say, “I want to get this request thoughtful consideration. And here’s when I can respond.” 

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