Rise & Thrive – How to Create Opportunity through Failure

There could be times that things do not happen the way that you want them to. Most of the time, it is comforting to believe that someone else did wrong to you or the fault is somewhere else. Nevertheless, if we insulate ourselves from failure, we prevent ourselves from growth.

In such occurrences, sometimes, you may stay in that little comfort zone for a couple of hours until the initial hurt or disappointment heal. Yet if you need to become better, you have to peel it back to extract the lesson and no matter what happens, make sure to rise and thrive! I am here to back you up!

Show Notes

Opportunities – A devastating experiene may come with unexpected opportunities for growth. We have to look for them. 

Consider all the Angles – Review and analyze your experience from every perspective.

Extract the Lesson – Failures are the best teachers. They teach us incredible lessons, but we need to be ready to learn and let ourselves grow.

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