Rise & Thrive – How to Build Your Strengths Every Day

Neither of us is a master at the beginning but a student. If you want to master anything, you must study, learn, and train your brain to perform better. Without any doubt, this continuous training of your mind will pave your path towards mastery.  Revising, analyzing, re-reasoning your experience will lead to a better version of your self and whatever happens, make sure to rise and thrive! I am here to back you up!

Show Notes

Co-create – We continually co-create experiences. However, most of the time, we blindly believe it is always someone else’s fault.

Review Yourself – Review your experiences by questioning yourself with what, why, and how. This habit will help you to figure out a way to act in future

Practice Your Brain – Teach and train your brain to act the figured way in similar situations in the future.