Resistance Doesn’t Mean Stop (#72)

Resistance Doesn't Mean Stop (#72)

We all are born with greatness and creativity within ourselves. Although we might believe that it fades away with time, that does not mean we have to give up. Today, my guest is someone who challenges himself to get out there and serve the world in the best way he thinks he can. He started his first business at the age of 10 by selling used golf balls in his neighborhood. He is the creator of PodMatch, a website that helps podcasters and guests to find each other, which he started when COVID hit in March 2020. Alex Sanfilippo, a writer, speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur, joins us for today’s episode to share his wisdom on how he explores growing a business through brand and community.

Show Notes

Alex's Story - Alex starts the conversation with his story of discovering his entrepreneur mindset at a very young age and how it affected him as an adult.

Strategic and Executive Personality – We all have a specific personality type. Alex identifies his personality as strategic and executive and explains how it has been supporting him so far.

Failures Hurt – Failures are inevitable. However, as Alex says, failures can not stop us if we accept them as lessons and learn from them.

Time to Shift – Sometimes, we do not have to continue the work for the sake of starting. We may need to shift the journey. Alex emphasizes gaining views from others' perspectives in such occurrences.

Open up –  Sharing your journey with others makes you more humble. Other than that, opening up yourself and your entrepreneur journey may inspire someone out there. Alex believes such transparency even can bring you your next customer sometimes.

Solve the Problem  - Alex highlights the necessity of finding the solutions for a problem. He shares the story behind the PodMatch as an example for it.

Get More Done by Doing Less – Alex states that getting more done by doing less is about learning the right work to do instead of getting all the job done.

Have Three Filters – Alex talks about three filters for our tasks named automate, delegate, or eliminate to achieve the best for yourself other than staying as good.

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Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you enjoyed that conversation and Alex’s energy.  I found his humility to be very inspiring.  Here are my 3 insights for thriving

  1. Opposition doesn’t mean that it is time to stop.  Get feedback from those around you and be open to that feedback – maybe even when it might not be exactly what we want to hear.  This gets to the quote that Alex shared about seeking wise counsel.  We don’t have to go it alone.  The other thing that occurred to me relative to that is that sometimes we don’t have to stop; sometimes we might need to adjust. 

  2. Doing what matters versus getting it all done.  It starts with making a list of what you are doing and then zeroing on what really matters.  From there he talked about the three options: 1) automate; 2) delegate and 3) eliminate. 

  3. I loved his closing quote:  there is greatness and creativity inside of you.  I couldn’t agree with that more.  I also agree that if we want to be more creative, then we need to do more creative things – even if we aren’t that good at those things initially.  For me personally, I started a habit of writing nearly every morning.  I now have five months' worth of R&T episodes written and every time I write an episode, another 3 topics occur to me.  I cannot believe how long my writing queue is at this point.  But, the more that I practice doing something creative, the more creative I become.  The other thing that I really loved with Alex sharing that quote is what he said about when we use our greatness and creativity for good in service of what the world needs, we literally begin to change the world.

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