Feeling Imposter-ish? Own Your Value (#78)

Feeling Imposter-ish? Own Your Value (#78)

In our lives, we all experience plenty of unexpected twists and turns. But, when all is said and done, only a few of us return to the life we wish. Instead, most of us live with the consequences of our actions. My guest today is someone who has bounced back after a series of dramatic twists and turns in her life and yet, managed to build the business and the life that she loves. Throughout her life, she has experienced everything from starting multiple businesses to abandoning everything to backpack around the world, becoming a yoga instructor and living in the jungles of Costa Rica, starting over as an expecting single mother, and eventually establishing a successful international consulting firm she currently runs. She has earned a reputation as one of the most influential business strategists for entrepreneurs who want to offer high-value products and services to a targeted audience. Jessica Yarbrough, a business strategist, growth expert, marketing coach, and business mentor, joins us today to share her incredible insights on having all you wish while building systems that allow you to enjoy your success.

Show Notes

Jessica's Story – Starting the conversation, Jessica shares the adventurous chapters in her life.

Entrepreneurial Mindset – Jessica explains how her mother's guidance, her innate gift of being visionary, and her belief in the divine unfolding in her life have created who she is today.

You own Your Power – Most of us are not aware of the power within ourselves. As a result, we always tend to downplay our abilities. Recalling the above facts, Jessica points out the importance of self-responsibility. 

Challenges in Growing and Scaling Up – Jessica explains the internal and external factors that challenge a company's growth and scaling up. 

Imposter Syndrome –Jessica dives deep into the imposter syndrome emphasizing the significance of our mindset for our success.

Know Your Worth – Brag on yourself.  You have to advocate for yourself. We discuss the necessity of doing everything in our power to make sure that we realize our dreams.

Reference Point - Create a new reference point. As Jessica says, the reference point we make in our mind is the only ceiling that prevents us from climbing higher. 

Five Systems – Jessica shares her thoughts on five systems to help companies identify and expand their potential. 

Focus and Simplicity – Jesica asks the listeners to be focused and be simple if they want to reach higher heights.  

Be Your Cheerleader –  You better be your biggest cheerleader because no one is coming up to bat for you. So you need to stand up and shout out from the rooftops.

Connet with Jessica Yarbrough

Website: jessicayarbrough.com/

Website: getstarted.jessicayarbrough.com/ 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jessicayarbrough-bizconsultant/ 

Facebook: facebook.com/JessicaYarbroughConsultant

7 Figure Case Study: How We Helped a Business Coach Scale from $250K to 7 Figures (Despite a Pandemic Year): bit.ly/7figcasestudy 

Bobbi's Takeaways

Here are my 3 insights for thriving:

  1. I loved Jessica’s perspective on Imposter Syndrome, that she believes that it means that the person has heart, integrity and that they truly care about delivering value!  What a wonderful framing of that.  And, like she said, when we can tap into the value that we are creating and delivering,  that is how we can maybe make peace with that.

  2. If you want to change your mindset, change your reference point, which requires action.  I know that this is one of my favorite drums to beat, but I so believe it to be true!  I talked about this in one of my Rise and Thrive episodes, but if I wanted to become a skier of expert runs, I had to actually ski expert runs.  I couldn’t just think my way there.  I had to do something.

  3. I think that this last insight is something that is incredibly important for all of us regardless of our role:  Show up with a true desire to solve problems.  Years ago, when I was working to put myself through college, I worked at a large law firm.  I wanted to advance, and I remember looking for ways that I could add value and solve problems.  I noticed very early that a lot of people were really good at pointing out problems.  That’s actually kind of easy.  But very, very few people were going to management to say, here’s a problem that I can see, AND here’s how I can solve it for you.  That was the key to my advancement. 

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