How to Become Bigger Than Your Fear

As human beings, we’re hardwired to have some fears about new things in our environment. However, in the modern world, our fears oftentimes keep us limited to our comfort zones and hold us back from growth, learning, and finding our purpose. In this episode, I talk about a simple model that will help you frame your fears in a healthy way and become bigger than your fear.

Show Notes

Comfort Zone – We often live in our comfort zone in many aspects but we must realize that we need come out of our comfort zone in order to move forward.

Fear Zone – This is what stands in between us and learning and growth. This is where our self-doubts, excuses, and the fear of other people’s opinions conspire against us.

Learning Zone – One we go through the fear zone, we enter the magical zone where we puck up new skills and start to push the boundaries of our own comfort zone.

Growth Zone – Growth zone is where we find and connect with our purpose, we get to live the life we love to live, and our dreams become reality.

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