Excited for the New Year? If Not, Try This

The year 2021 is drawing to a close. Hence, it is a perfect time for looking back and reminiscing, as well as looking forward. I was recently asked what I’m most looking forward to in the new year. That appears to be a straightforward question. And yet, I felt compelled to consider it. Today’s episode is about what I discovered. On the other hand, what are some of your hopes for the coming year? What are you eagerly awaiting? Whatever they are, I wish you the finest year of your life in 2022. Also, I hope that you will rise and thrive no matter what.

Show Notes

Whitespace and Margin – Block the time on your calendar for everything you want to get done. 

Exploration – What new narratives do you wish to write? Whom do you aspire to be next? How do you wish to develop? Those are fascinating inquiries. Although you may not have clear and sound answers to them yet, you are at least asking some pertinent questions.

Being – Spend significantly more time simply being present in the moment.

Peace – Peace is fully embodied by the sentence “I am sufficient.” Believe me, that is an accurate and comprehensive sentence.

Self-care – Have time for your life. Give yourself the type of grace you need in your own life.

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