Are You Listening to the Whispers of Wisdom or the Voices That Shout? (#90)

Are You Listening to the Whispers of Wisdom or the Voices That Shout? (#90)

Many of us have had moments of self-doubt. Sometimes it produces good results, but most of the time, it does not. My guest for today assists people in resolving and aligning internal conflicts that impede personal and professional growth. Furthermore, she guides them through becoming aware, gaining insight, and taking positive action to thrive in work, life, and play. She helps high achievers strike a healthy balance between professional success and personal well-being, allowing them to find their flow and realize their full potential. Georgina Halabi, mindset & well-being coach, joins us today to share her insights on overcoming self-doubt and stepping into one’s greatness.

Show Notes

Boardroom Story – Georgina discusses a watershed moment in her career by sharing her "boardroom story."

Trust Your Vulnerability - Mentioning how Georgina believed in her instinct, she explains how she made the transition to where she is now. 

Your Avatar – Georgina expresses her thoughts on coaching by sharing some of her personal experiences. 

Well-being –  According to Georgina, well-being is when our heart and mind are in sync, and we feel contentment and calm.

Internal Tensions – Speaking about internal tensions, we discuss how they hinder personal and professional growth.

Resourceful Sage - Georgina discusses the process of transitioning from a fear-based brain to a more resourceful sage space and the features of the resourceful sage space.

Self-doubt –. While broadly explaining self-doubt, Georgina describes how fear of not-enoughness causes self-doubt. 

Drop – Georgina believes that well-being, happiness, and performance are not commodities to be acquired. Instead, they are all about dropping things. More precisely, they are about abandoning your judgment, ego, and attachment.


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Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you loved that conversation and found a lot of value in it. I know that I did! As always, it’s tough to limit this to just three, but here are my 3 insights for thriving.

  1. Our inner wisdom whispers to us if we take the time and make the choice to listen to it. I loved what Georgina was explaining in terms of PQ:  noticing the fear-based voice, doing something that brings us into the present moment, which allows the sage within us to be heard.

  2. I am enough. Period. That’s a full sentence.

  3. I love thinking about potential as a verb. It makes so much sense to me. What I also love about it is that it allows for the expansion of the human spirit and our journey. It’s not a one-time event or a static event. It evolves and unfolds.

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