Does Your Listening Show You Care?

Almost everyone believes that listening is critical in life. However, the majority of people are not naturally good listeners. On the other hand, repetition of words does not constitute listening. That does not indicate that you get the meaning, context, consequences, and the feelings and significance of the terms. To listen effectively, we must make a conscious effort to absorb, digest, and comprehend what others are saying. In a nutshell, listening is another technique of demonstrating to others that they are significant.

Show Notes

Choice – Being able to listen is a talent and a habit. And at the center of it all is the fact that you have a choice. So consider that for a moment.

Ignore or Listen – Ignoring is the polar opposite of listening. If someone is important to you, you should never disregard them. Rather than that, give that person your full attention. Assure them that you have heard them.

Questioning – Asking questions is not always about eliciting responses; it entails more. Ask the questions, not merely for the sake of obtaining the answers. Pose the questions to express your concern.

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