Dont Stop One Answer Short

Frequently in life, we tend to get stuck on a particular response to a question and then defend that answer. Moreover, the underlying reason for this is the belief that we cannot change something. Also, on the other hand, we must clearly distinguish whether the solution we are considering expands our possibilities or closes them down. If it is blocking off the opportunities, we must seek a different response or, at the very least, challenge the current one.

Show Notes

The Inherent Problem – When we believe we cannot alter something, we make no attempt to change it, and nothing will change at that point. Start with your mindset. 

Build Awareness –  When we arrive at answers, we must recognize and analyze them. Otherwise, we will end up on automatic pilot, unaware of how these things are influencing the trajectory of our lives.

Another Answer –  If we test the current solution and discover that we are excluding possibilities, it is worthwhile to go deeper and look for another answer or more possibilities than what is apparent at the moment.

Three Strategies – The following three strategies will present you with creative avenues. First and foremost, re-examine, Second, remove yourself from the equation, and third, involve individuals in whom you have faith. You may be startled by what you discover.

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