Does Impatience Drag You Down?

In high school, I had just joined the speech and debate team and I had a LONG way to go to become good.

At dinner one night, I was complaining that I wasn’t as good as some of the more senior debaters — even though I’d only been on the team for about a month or so. That’s when my dad dropped the following wisdom on me, that I will never forget.

I grew up on a farm and we had just planted cantaloupe the day before. Finally, my Dad had had enough of my complaining.

He asked: “When did we plant the cantaloupe?”
I replied: “Yesterday.”
He asked: “Are you eating it and enjoying it yet?”
I said (in a sort of ‘duh’ voice that only a teenager can master): “Well. No.”
He looked at me and said: “Exactly.”

It took me a second or two and then I got it. We need time to grow too before we can harvest our crop.

This is one of 2 traps that I break down in this episode. Tune in to learn more and to learn 3 things that you can do to get out of these traps.

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