Does Impatience Drag You Down?

Undoubtedly, many factors contribute to our impatience with ourselves and our inability to make the progress we desire. However, there are two primary traps into which people frequently fall. The first pitfall we fall into is comparing ourselves to those who are simply further along in their journey than we are. The second tap is that we always want to harvest as quickly as possible. However, there are ways to avoid falling into those traps.

Show Notes

Tune Into Your Emotions – Be conscious of how you are feeling. Then, put an end to your journey further down that rabbit hole. Stop comparing yourself to others or your apparent lack of progress. Rather than that, ask yourself how long you’ve been doing this.

Be Motivated – If you observe your emotions, you will notice the background stories of others. Then, utilize it as an incentive to continue.

Three Tips – There are three ways to escape trap number two. Again, awareness is the first step. Number two, once you’ve determined how long you’ve been working on that particular component, consider whether the progress you’re aiming for is acceptable. Thirdly, consider recasting your expectations.

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