Internal Conflict: Are You Defending or Learning?

There is no external rivalry when there is no internal conflict. There is a great deal to unpack in that single, simple, yet meaningful phrase. You can learn tens of thousands of things from others when you have that mindset. Mainly, you need to be aware of three factors regarding this sort of competition. 

Show Notes

It’s a Signal – When you live by your values and concerns, you are not competing with anyone else. Hence, you must learn to pay close attention to your emotions. If you are tainted by competition, it is nearly usually a sign that your values are not fully aligned. Therefore, that sensation is a data point worth investigating further.

Reframe the Competition – What matters is what we are doing. We must compete against ourselves, not against others. We are not obligated to demonstrate anything by defeating another person. However, we must make an effort to improve. Even though we are competing against ourselves, we can still improve.

Embrace the Learning – When you observe someone performing better than you, consider them instructors rather than rivals. You will come across some excellent teachers.

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