Who can you count on when you need them the most? (#113)

Who can you count on when you need them the most? (#113)

On April 5, 2008, my mother passed away. My parents lived in a small community in Missouri and the next morning my mom’s obituary appeared in the local newspaper.
That afternoon, right after lunch, we were sitting in the backyard at my dad’s farm, and we heard a car coming down the road.
As soon as my dad heard the car, he said, “That’ll be Dave.”

I asked him: “How do you know?” He replied, “He would have seen the newspaper this morning and he’ll come over today to check on me.” Keep in mind that from my dad’s backyard, you can’t see the road.

But, sure as the world, it was Dave and he pulled into the driveway. He got out of the car, and he was carrying a dish. As he got a bit closer, he said, “Bob, I read about Kathy and I’m so sorry.  I brought you this meatloaf but don’t worry my girlfriend made it so it’s safe to eat.” I’ve thought about that over the years and of the absolute quiet assurance that my dad had when he knew it would be Dave AND that he knew Dave would be there. 

It makes me think about who is in our tribe.  Who are those people that we can depend on – no matter what?  I’ve wondered what sort of comfort that brought him during such a painful time?  What a special gift it is to have people like that in your life.  It makes me feel gratitude for those people in my life.

Show Notes

Why Them - There could be various reasons for someone to be a part of our tribe. It could be because of shared beliefs, common goals, shared life experiences, shared purpose, affection for one another, and so on.

Ask Yourself - People may join our tribe simply because of who we are and how we present ourselves in the world. So, why don't you take a moment to consider how you're building your tribe?

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