Embrace the Fire (#114)

Embrace the Fire (#114)

Do you know your why?

My guest today has spent nearly 15 years as a pro sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office. He founded the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy—where he became known as the “Why Coach”.

He is a global keynote speaker, #1 bestselling author of “The Power of Playing Offense”, and host of the “Playmakers: ON PURPOSE” podcast. He also  serves as Chief Impact Officer for PurposePoint (which is the host of the world’s largest Purpose Summit) and Chief Purpose Advisor for the Why Institute (the world’s fastest way to discover your purpose – stick around until the end when he generously shares a give away related to that. 

Show Notes

Paul's Story – Mentioning the pivotal moments in his life and the lessons he's learned, Paul shares his exciting journey so far.

Embrace the Fire – While most people want to avoid the fire, Paul is a firm believer in embracing it. He delves into the topic of embracing power in great detail.

You Know it Already – Paul makes an important point about dealing with adversity through the use of events we have already encountered.

Mindset Matters – Paul emphasizes the critical role of our attitude, mind, and energy in overcoming obstacles and evolving into our best future selves.

Personal Mastery - Seeing it as the cornerstone of identity, Paul provides his perspective on personal mastery.

Values – Paul shows how to tap into someone's purpose by mentioning values for the head, heart, and hands.

Call a Timeout – Paul demonstrates how observant we can be when constantly operating at top speed.

The Purpose – Paul points out the importance of having a clear sense of purpose and the obstacles that stand in that way.

Problems Vs. Opportunities - In reference to the remark from his book that "underneath our biggest problems lie our biggest opportunities," Paul discusses how the worst challenges result in the most incredible opportunities.

Paul's Work - Paul talks about how he helps people stand out with his work while mentioning WHY Institute and his podcast.


Connect with Paul:

Website: paulepsteinspeaks.com

Free WHY Assessment: whyinstitute.com/purpose/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/paulepsteinspeaks/

Playmakers: On purpose: playmakerspod.com

Mentioned in the episode

The Power of Playing Offense: A Leader's Playbook for Personal and Team Transformation: goodreads.com/book/show/56362212-the-power-of-playing-offense

Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you are lifted up by Paul’s energy.  Here are my 3 insights for thriving:

  1. Embrace the fire.  Don’t run from it.  We are way better equipped to deal with life’s adversities than we give ourselves credit for.  I believe that we either CAN deal with it or we can LEARN how to deal with whatever gets thrown our way.  I’ve experienced it for myself and I’ve seen it thousands of times in coaching others.

  2. I liked the questions that Paul suggested BEFORE we take action:  are my head and heart on board?  And, what is my intention with this action?  I feel like we miss our intention a lot.  When I lived in Portland, we gutted our backyard and transformed it into an oasis.  It was beautiful.  If you want a beautiful garden, guess what you have to do?  You need to weed it.  Do I like weeding a garden?  Do I like pulling weeds?  Not especially. But what I do like is having a beautiful garden.  My intent was not to pull weeds.  My intent was to create a beautiful outdoor space that Rick and I could enjoy. 

  3. “What is the pain that I don’t want others to feel?”  That is an awesome question to use in terms of zeroing in on your why.

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