The Power of a Personal Manifesto (#120)

The Power of a Personal Manifesto (#120)

Nothing will change if you go to the gym and sit next to the weight bench without lifting a single weight. Your biceps will not grow stronger if you do not lift the weight.

 Also, they do not become stronger the first time they lift the weight. Over time, the experience of doing so makes them stronger and becomes increasingly simple. Mindset is also a muscle that we must strengthen to maintain our mental fitness. My guest today is Heather Hakes. She is a speaker, a mindset coach, and the author of Take the Leap. Her podcast, Mind Over Matter, has tens of thousands of listeners. Heather focuses on assisting others in overcoming obstacles by waking their limitless capacity to create their dream life. Throughout today's conversation, she demonstrates how to use our mental strength to propel us forward with insightful explanations.

Show Notes

Self-Doubt – Heather shares her perspective on self-doubt and her experiences about being affected by it, and how she overcame it. Moreover, she expresses her take on the significance of mindset. What I Want – We address the importance of understanding what we want, envisioning it, and the value of being attentive and intentional. Everything Must be Hard - We feel that we must work diligently to grow or hustle and grind to get money. On the other hand, Heather provides an insightful explanation for why she believes that not everything has to be complicated. It is Now – Often, we believe we will be happy if we are trapped. We analyze the influence of our inner game in determining our success and the role of being present in the moment in determining our happiness. Intuitive Nudge – Heather talks about intuition, its characteristics, and its effect on us. Even Better – When things do not happen as we want, we feel devasted. However, everything happens in the best way possible. We discuss how things end up in a way that we did not expect but maybe in a better way. Thought Cycle - Heather defines the thought cycle by stating that thoughts generate feelings that influence our actions and outcomes. Self-Compassion – We examine the value of self-compassion and how it directly impacts one's success.


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Mentioend in the Episode

The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance:

Redeem Your Ground – Doug Scott:

Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you enjoyed that conversation and had a lot of take-aways from it.  Here are my 3 insights for thriving:

  1.  Self-doubt keeps us playing small.  This one really connected for me as it ties to what I’ve learned about PQ – Positive Intelligence. Neuroscientists have shown that we all have internal saboteurs – there are actually 10 of them.  Many people only have a 1 or 2 strong saboteurs though, but each saboteur works against us in different ways.  They create stress, frustration and doubt.  The good news is that you can learn to weaken their influence so that you can truly live out your full potential. 
  2. Write your personal manifesto and read it before bed.  I loved this one from Heather!  Also, be sure to write in the present tense as she said. 
  3. It’s an internal job.  The vast majority of our success and happiness stems from our mental fitness and the internal work that we do.  Happiness researchers have identified that our happiness is 50% our happiness set point, 10% -- and only 10% our circumstances and 40% our actions and attitudes.  This doesn’t mean that we need to merely think happy thoughts, it means that we need to do build our mental fitness just as we would our physical fitness.

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