Lift the Veil on Your Saboteurs (#123)

Prime Your Mind
Prime Your Mind
Lift the Veil on Your Saboteurs (#123)

Saboteurs are our automatic ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. They are our autopilot. They cause stress and negative emotions in response to your life’s difficulties. We all have them according to the research of Shirzad Chamine. His research is a synthesis of neuroscience, performance science, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral psychology. More than half a million people have already benefited from this effort.

Check out this short episode to learn more. This research changed my life and the lives of my clients!

Show Notes

Nine Types - There are nine different types of inner saboteurs, including hypervigilant, avoider, controller, hyper achiever, hyper-rational, pleaser, wrestler, stickler, and victim. Hypervigilant – Listen to Bobbi's story, examine yourself, and determine if you have hypervigilant inner saboteurs. If so, you can tackle it with the same approach as Bobbi.

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