Be the Buffalo (#126)

Be the Buffalo (#126)

Change is inevitable. And it can feel like a storm. When a storm is approaching, a buffalo will run towards the storm, which actually shortens the duration that the buffalo feels the effects of the storm. Cows on the other hand, run away from the storm but the storm almost always catches them, which then prolongs how long the cow is feeling the storm.

 In this episode, Michael Gagnon and I dive into all sorts of leadership related topics, including how, as a leader, you can be the buffalo and get your team through the storm faster.

Show Notes

Michael's Story  – Michael describes his journey to becoming a change agent within organizations and why he believes he acquires a rewarding skill. Leading – We discuss leadership challenges while highlighting the importance of an accountability partner.   Trust – In the event that you disagree with a company's decision, Michael points out why it is essential to have faith in the organization's ability to make the best decision. In addition, we discuss whether or not leaders have difficulty with it. Always Start with You – Michael explains his quote, "The better you navigate change as the leader, the better your team will perform." Fine Line – Michael highlights the thin line that a manager must walk while holding their team accountable when there is chaos or a challenge in their personal or professional lives. Stereotypes - We discuss a variety of preconceived notions about what a leader should be like, particularly the stereotype of the sales leader and sales reps. Buffalo – Michael explains how to navigate change by using buffalo running towards a storm as an illustration.



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Bobbi's Takeaways

Here are my 3 insights for thriving:

  1. As a leader, “always start with you.”  Michael talked about the need to make sure that you have some way to hold yourself accountable.  He talked about having an accountability buddy from outside the organization as well as looking for red flags that your team might be struggling with change.  If you noticed any red flags it’s worth it to pause and ask yourself:  Is there something that I’m doing that’s getting in the way?”
  2. You have to be on board.  If you aren’t on board, the team won’t be on board. I loved how Michael talked about that you don’t have to agree with every decision, but you do have to trust that the decision makers are making decisions that will lead you to the right place. 
  3. And, finally, be the buffalo.  You can’t outrun the storm but you can shorten it’s duration by running towards it.  And, as the leader, you have to be the model of behavior that you want to see in your team. 

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