When Interpretation Becomes a Limiting Lie (#127)

Prime Your Mind
Prime Your Mind
When Interpretation Becomes a Limiting Lie (#127)

Don’t succumb to it! Don’t believe the lie embedded in our interpretations. When we believe the lie, we accept the limitation. Here’s how it happens: A simple example is that we are learning a new technology and it’s a bit challenging. A factual statement we could say is “I’m learning a new technology and I’m not completely comfortable with it yet.”

 An interpretation, however, might sound like this: “This new technology is beyond me because I am just not good at technology.”  And then we stop learning and quit.  We just put a limitation on ourselves. You deserve better than that! In this very short episode, I expose why it happens and how you can learn to avoid it.

Show Notes

Fact  – Significant disparity exists between the terms "fact" and "interpretation." The first is firmly based on actuality. It is focused more on the growth attitude. Interpretation - However, the interpretation is related to a more rigid mentality. Too frequently, the interpretation is accompanied by an inherent limitation. Yet - How often do you employ the word "yet"? In the real sense of the word,  we have no idea how much capacity it has to greatly broaden our growth mindset. Hence, it is time to renew our vocabulary.

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