Car Trouble or Opportunity? (#133)

Car Trouble or Opportunity? (#133)

In April and May this year, we took a 3 week road trip to visit family and during our trip, our car started making noises that became increasingly louder until I literally thought the car was going to collapse on the road. We made it to my sister Kathy’s house in Illinois and she noticed the noise (as, I’m sure all of her neighbors did because it was LOUD).

We said, “Yea, we need to find a mechanic – fast.”  She happened to know one, George – and in fact was good friends with him and his wife – so she texted George. 

George is booked about 4-6 weeks out, but he said, “Tell them to bring it right in.”  We did.  He not only took care of the problem but also a few other issues that we had all for the whopping price of $819 AND he had the car back to us within 2 days. What’s interesting about that is that I’ve shared that with a couple of people and some people have said, “Wow.  What rotten luck to have car trouble on your trip.” To us, we thought:  Wow!  That’s amazing!  How lucky are we that we had car trouble in an area where we knew someone who could help us that quickly and that inexpensively?  Absolutely amazing! And lucky.

Which do you see?

Which are you seeing more of in your daily life?  The positive or the negative? This relates back to the Tetris effect that I talked about a few episodes ago:  We see more of what we train our brain to see.

Show Notes

Just Five - Set yourself the challenge of noticing five good things daily. It is about training your brain to see the positive and the good. Train the Brain - When you focus on seeing positive things, your brain will begin searching for those things. Then you will observe significantly more than five.

Set a Goal - Even though you are generally optimistic, you should set this as a daily goal if you do not want to miss out on the good around you.

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