It’s Never Too Late to Tell Yourself a New Story about Your Past (#147)

Prime Your Mind
Prime Your Mind
It's Never Too Late to Tell Yourself a New Story about Your Past (#147)

It’s never too late to tell yourself a new story about your past. The stories we tell ourselves about our past become limits on our happiness and success.
They are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you once bombed in a presentation, you might tell yourself the story that you really blew it and that you are just not good at presentations.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t work on the skill, you don’t study it, you don’t practice because you already know the outcome: that you aren’t good at it. What sort of result do you think that gets you? More of the same.

So, let me ask you: what is a story that you’ve been telling yourself about your past or yourself that you’d like the change the narrative on? Tune into this episode to learn more about how this happens and how to change it.

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