Comparison Is the Tthief of Our Peak Performance (#148)

Prime Your Mind
Prime Your Mind
Comparison Is the Tthief of Our Peak Performance (#148)

Have you ever had an arch-rival? I have.Her name was Sherri. We were in the 6th grade and we battled for everything. Cheerleading, Softball ,Volleyball, Top grades.I usually won. But one day it was bothering me how when I would go out for a new sport, Sherri would then decide to go out for the same sport. I was complaining to my mom about it. Then she said the following game-changing wise words:


“Stop worrying about what Sherri is doing. Focus on what you do and being your best.”

I still appreciate the wisdom in those words. Probably more now than I did then.

How do you maintain your focus on being your best?

In this short episode, I dive into this and how comparison robs us of our motivation, our focus and our peak performance.

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