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    What I learned about myself during a massive forest fire (#152)

    What I learned about myself during a massive forest fire (#152)

    We are coming up on the anniversary of the East Troublesome Fire that swept through our community on October 21, 2020. It was the 2nd largest fire in Colorado history and one of the fastest moving fires in US history.


     It was so fast that at its fastest it burned 90 football fields per minute. Our incident commander, who has spent his entire life battling forest fires called in a 2% fire meaning it was incredibly rare in how it burned.  In this episode, I recount the events of the evening and how it led me to discover something during a very dark hour in this journey:  that the adversity of my life has made me incredibly strong and resilient. 

    I share a simple yet highly effective practice that you can use to harvest the strength and courage from your past.  

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