How to Lean in With Empathy in the Face of Bad Behavior (#183)

How to Lean in With Empathy in the Face of Bad Behavior (#183)

The potential for conflict is all around us. It can sometimes feel like we are bombarded with “bad” behavior. As a leader of any sort, we have to find a way through that to come out on the other side. This week Kristine Scott and I talk about how to navigate the waters of conflict in empowering ways.

Some of my favorite take-aways include: 

  • Many of us frame conflict as “this is where people get hurt” and that leads us to respond in fear-based ways. 
  • To deal with conflict, we need to:
    • Ask ourselves, “What do I need to have happen in this conversation that will also strengthen the relationship?
    • Identify where we can compromise and what’s non-negotiable. 
    • Be kind to ourselves first.  We can’t give kindness to others without giving it to ourselves first. 
  • Kristin describes self-care as places and activities where you learn about yourself AND it renews you. 
  • The #1 thing we can do to de-escalate a situation is to extend empathy. 
  • For most of us, our “threat assessors” are busted and this is why we get triggered so easily. 
  • We need to stop being what Kristine calls, “A raw nerve of reactivity.”


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