What to Do When You Feel Like Something Is Missing in Your Life (#215)

What to Do When You Feel Like Something Is Missing in Your Life (#215)

Have you ever had the thought: “Something is missing from my life,” but you can’t put your finger on it? My guest, Vince Kramer, sheds light on how we can move forward.

Have you ever had the thought: “Something is missing from my life,” but you can’t put your finger on it? My guest, Vince Kramer, sheds light on why that happens, what keeps us stuck there and how we can move forward. From Airline Pilot, Military Veteran, Corporate Exec and Entrepreneur to a transformational teacher/guide and clear conscious channel, Vince Kramer brings a unique experience to the world of self-improvement and purpose-driven growth by combining science and spirituality. His past experience in stereotypically regimented fields brings a more integrated perspective to the inward aspects of personal growth not often seen. As a speaker, teacher, coach, clear conscious channel, and best-selling author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, Vince’s distinct combination of experience, education and research helps him develop powerful talks, workshops, and online training in finding success and fulfillment by living life by their design.

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[00:00] Vince: I think the best step forward is to acknowledge, first of all, where you feel like there’s something missing or where there’s a calling to something else. If you keep knowing that I want to do this or this looks like it’s a lot of fun, pay attention to that because it’s so important to realize is that back to quantum physics, there are no mistakes or coincidences in our universe. The things that are showing up in front of you are showing you and pulling you in the direction that you need to go.

[00:40] Bobbi: Welcome to UnYielded Thriving No Matter What where we talk about how to make your next chapter in life your best chapter. I’m your host Bobbi Kahler, and I believe that the best is yet to come. Have you ever had the thought, something is missing from my life yet you can’t really put your finger on it. And probably if you’re like most people, you have that thought and then you kind of rush by it because we don’t have time to even think about it. Or if we do think about it, we think, how could all the responsibilities I have in life, how could I possibly pursue this notion that there might be something more, there might be something missing? If you have, then this episode is for you. My guest, Vince Kramer and I talk about why this happens, what keeps us stuck in that spot of thinking that there’s something missing and not doing anything about it. And then finally, how can we move forward in powerful ways? So a little bit about my guest before I bring him on to meet you. He’s worn a lot of hats in his career. He’s a former airline pilot, military veteran, corporate executive and entrepreneur. He is also a transformational teacher and guide and clear conscious channel. He brings a unique experience to the world of self improvement and purpose driven growth by combining science and spirituality. He is a bestselling author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield as well as his own book Awakening through Moments of Choice. Vince, welcome to the show.

[02:20] Vince: Bobbi, it’s so good to be here. I can’t wait to share with the audience. And I’m so excited that you’ve taken the time to read the book and really understand where Mary and I have come from on our interesting journey. So I can’t wait to see where we go.

[02:38] Bobbi: Yeah, and I have to tell you this too. It’s not just me. My husband also read the book, and you might appreciate this. There might be some serendipity here because I downloaded it to Amazon, to our library, and he was on Amazon and he was trying to download a totally different book. I think it was on finance or something. And your book wasn’t even displayed. But when he clicked on the book that he wanted to see, your book came up and he’s like, yeah. He’s like, oh, I need to read this.

03:08] Vince: Oh, boy. I can’t wait to hear how everybody thought about it. Because it’s truly a journey that I think is so helpful to so many people and something that I never would have believed that would happen in my life.

[03:23] Bobbi: Yeah. So I can’t wait. So why don’t we get started by can you just share a little bit about your background, former military, all that bit?

[03:33] Vince: Sure. It’s very interesting. I started pretty young and understanding. There was a couple of things I wanted to do in my life. The first was fly airplanes. I used to lay in the grass and watch them fly over in the blue sky. And I wanted to do that. And then at five years old, I told my grandmother that I wanted to help people love themselves so they could love others. And it’s like, wow. First of all, where does a five year old come up with that?

[04:03] Bobbi: Right, that’s right.

[04:05] Vince: But the interesting thing is, shortly after five, right around seven, I lost both of those. First, as a Cub Scout, I was taken to the airport and the den was going to go fly airplanes. This was something that our den mother wanted to give us. And the guy that was flying the airplane scared me, what they call stalled the airplane, pulled the nose up, it ran out of flying airspeed, and then the nose falls over and it picks up air speed and it’s going to fly. But I was a seven year old, I had no idea what was happening. So at that point I thought, well, I’m afraid of heights, I’m afraid of falling. And I kind of gave up on my dream of flying. And then my grandfather started teaching me his rules on being a man, and I let that five year old’s understanding go too.

[05:00] Bobbi: Yeah.

[05:01] Vince: So I learned well from my grandfather, and there’s many things that happened along the way. And I truly believe that we have to forget why we came to Earth and then to understand later in life we’ll understand this, that everything that we’ve done has aided us in developing our gifts and talents to live who we’re truly meant to be.

[05:27] Bobbi: That’s right.

[05:28] Vince: Let’s see, what did I do? I farmed for a little while. That didn’t work. The sun and the drought kind of took care of that part of my life. And then I ended up joining the military just to finish my degree, because I once again didn’t think I could fly. I was worried about heights and all that other stuff and through that journey and taking the Air Force officer qualifying test. Because I figured after I got my degree, well, I really enjoy the military, I might as well stay, and ended up flying airplanes anyhow. So I had eleven year career in the military. As I shared with you earlier, it came down to, do I want to fly a desk, be more of an air Force officer, or do I want to fly airplanes? And I decided I wanted to fly airplanes. So I left the military after eleven years, first went to American Airlines, got furloughed from there, and ended up flying a total of 30 years as an pilot.

[06:39] Bobbi: Wow.

[06:40] Vince: All in long. Knowing that there was something missing in my life, and there was a few wake up calls in my life that kind of opened my eyes to, hey, you’re here to really, truly what that five year old knows.

[06:56] Bobbi: That’s right.

[06:57] Vince: People love themselves so they could love others. So when COVID hit and United was in a place where we’re going to start letting people go because they didn’t need that many pilots, I decided to take an early retirement so the younger guys could support their families. And Mary and I dove into Imagine miracles. Our company full force.

[07:21] Bobbi: Yeah. Oh, my goodness. So there’s so many things in there I want to explore. First of all, you said the thing about your grandfather, and I remember that from the book. What do you call that? Grandpa’s Rules or something like that?

[07:32] Vince: Yes, grandpa’s rules.

[07:34] Bobbi: Yeah. His rules were he had his own opinion. But you’re right, that probably did kind of quiet that voice of the five year old.

[07:51] Vince: It pretty much shut it down altogether. He pretty much got me to stop dreaming and start competing. Yeah, that’s the best way to say it. And the interesting thing was, as I look back now and I understand what other people have gone through, he was a 1930s, 1940s man, and he just taught me the rules that he learned.

[08:20] Bobbi: That’s right.

[08:21] Vince: Truly, truly hated him for it at the time. But now as I look back and everything that I developed to help me be where I am right now, I don’t know if I would have done it without his rules.

[08:35] Bobbi: That’s right. And I think that goes to what you said, too. Sometimes these people are placed in our lives for a reason that we don’t know at the time, and it’s on our path to becoming who we really are.

[08:48] Vince: The interesting thing is that over time and I’m getting more and more that way, as I start working with more and more people, helping them find their purpose. I don’t think anybody was placed there. I think we called them in. We really came in knowing that we were going to have these sole agreements with these people. I think I chose my mom and dad mostly because I needed my grandfather in my life to compete as much as I did.

[09:24] Bobbi: Yeah. It’s an intriguing way to look at it. It really is. So now, you mentioned the wake up calls earlier. And was your first wake up call the one around September 11?

[09:35] Vince: It certainly was.

[09:36] Bobbi: That one gave me chills when I read it.

[09:38] Vince: Yeah. Let me put it this way, and I do mention this in the book. I think we’re constantly getting wake up calls when it’s time for us to start paying attention to the reason that we chose to come to Earth. So I think we have conscious wake up calls first. Little things. Like I just mentioned earlier, there’s something missing all the time, and I didn’t pay attention to that one. And I knew that I was meant for more. And my grandmother reminded me at 17 years old that I told her at five that I was supposed to help people love themselves. So there was all kinds of little conscious wake ups along the way. And I think we all do this. We don’t necessarily pay attention to the conscious wake ups because we’ll say, just push on, move on. It could happen, and then the crisis ones happen. 911 was a very interesting crisis wake up for me. I lost a friend that day, and 911 was a wake up call for the world in the country.

[10:46] Bobbi: That’s right.

[10:46] Vince: But it was really personal because I lost my friend that day in flight 93. And the interesting thing was, I flew flight 93 one week prior.

[10:58] Bobbi: Yeah.

[10:59] Vince: So in that I had to realize and look at if it would have been nine four instead of 911, it would have been me as that smoking hole in Pennsylvania. But Grandpa did a really good job with the rules, and, well, that happened to him, and it would never happen to me in very short order, I kind of pushed through that. And it’s here to live life. You’re supposed to find your happiness. You got to compete to do it. And although there was a part of 911 that never left me like it has many, I still got to a place where it didn’t affect me in realizing and knowing that I wanted to live life differently.

[11:48] Bobbi: Yeah. And I think you’re totally right. So many times we do just say, well, we’ll just push through it. We kind of ignore it. And I loved it how you said it in the book. Like, we can ignore them, and then they become a crisis, and then those are really hard to ignore.

[12:06] Vince: They get stronger and stronger and stronger. And that’s what happened with the second one. The second one was really driven by 911. It’s when United Airlines went bankrupt. And during that, I lost my full retirement. I took a pay cut based on cutting back on the forces, but then we also lost position, so I kind of slid down the position. So overall, between stock, my retirement and the position changed over a lifetime, it was probably about $3 million. It was just one of those, oh, life’s got to be different than this. I need to feel fulfilled. But my dad taught me, vince, you need to make sure that you provide for your family, and retirement is one of the most important things. You need to have a retirement. So here I am without a retirement feeling. Like with those pay cuts, about 60%, that I couldn’t provide for my family the way I wanted to. So, boom. Forget about living life differently. How do I make this retirement back? How do I make and what I did through that was I ended up looking at what kind of business can I get into where I can work part time in it, but still have a full time staff? And I ended up buying some Pretzel stores. Annie Anne’s pretzels.

[13:46] Bobbi: I remember them.

[13:47] Vince: I thought, I got a really good deal. Three stores manager already in place that knew the systems. My ex wife Martha at the time was all on board. Let’s work through this. Let’s make it happen. And Dr. Atkins comes about.

[14:09] Bobbi: Yeah.

[14:12] Vince: The low carb world took the pretzel stores into a dive. And although they were paying for themselves, some of the reason it was paying for themselves at that point was because I was working one of the shifts, usually, and my ex at that point said, I just can’t do this. I can’t work with teenagers this way. So I kind of got left with the stores on my own. So working 95 hours, weeks and just getting through, and I get the stores turned around, and it was like, this is literally physically killing me. So when the stores turned around, we sold the businesses. And 18 days after that, I came home, and my ex wife was sobbing. And through the conversation and finally being able to talk about it, I found out the last two years while I was working in the store, she was having an affair and wasn’t happy and wanted a divorce. And that was the wake up call that got my attention.

[15:24] Bobbi: Yeah, that one’s really hard to miss. And I remember you writing about that in the book, and I was like, oh, my God. That had to be devastating.

[15:33] Vince: It was because I just didn’t see it, and I wasn’t paying attention to her. Like, she needed me to pay attention. And I understand that. I was just trying to survive, truly, to make it all happen, trying to keep the stores alive so we didn’t go bankrupt. We had already lost so much I didn’t want to lose anymore. But looking back on it now, what a wonderful gift that we had each other. We helped each other through some hard times. There was a lot of learning in our relationship. But for me to live what that five year old knew, I had to move on.

[16:16] Bobbi: That’s right. It had to happen. Something that really strikes me with what you’re saying and a number of things is knowing that you want to live life differently. And I think a lot of people can relate to that. I think a lot of people have that. I don’t know if it’s a yearning, a calling, whatever you want to call it, but then we forget about that because we spend our life doing the things that we’re, quote, unquote, supposed to do, being responsible instead of maybe doing the things that we were perhaps meant to do. And I know that you got to that. So how did you just give us a little bit about that journey, getting to that deeper back to the five year old, let’s say.

[16:58] Vince: Right? Well, what I believe and have become more and more a proponent of is I truly believe before we were born, we chose the difference that we were going to make on Earth. And then when we were born, we brought the blueprint in for that, and we had to go through the steps of life to develop that blueprint. And if we’re that in tune before we come to Earth, I think the child remembers so much for a long time. But we have to forget, because if we didn’t forget, we wouldn’t experience the highs and lows. True. It’s highs and lows where the gifts come from and where the expansion comes from. The transformation comes from. My parents were pretty dense vibrationally, and I’m not saying that in a bad way at all. It was just very helpful, especially when I started becoming influenced by my grandfather to forget.

[18:16] Bobbi: Okay.

[18:17] Vince: And then there were so many times that that calling was there. That calling has taken us back to that difference. And I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t pay attention. And the more I didn’t pay attention, the more I felt that there was something missing. And the divorce pushed me into looking for what was missing. And I found a wonderful mentor. What do they say? When the student’s ready, the teacher appears? I got involved in the jack canfield world, and I got involved because that’s what my ex paid attention to. And I thought, well, this is what’s going to save our relationship.

[19:01] Bobbi: That’s right.

[19:02] Vince: But the relationship was too far along, and she didn’t want to pursue that path, but I didn’t want to give it up. So at a breakthrough to success, one of jack Canfield’s big events in a meditation, which I had never meditated before, never meditated using a guided meditation, for sure. I found what was missing. I actually heard it in the meditation. You’re what’s missing in your life.

[19:37] Bobbi: That’s pretty powerful.

[19:39] Vince: Yes. I mean, what exactly does that mean? I wasn’t quite sure.

[19:44] Bobbi: What do you think it means? Because that’s a big Vince.

[19:49] Vince: But I went from one set of rules to another because I knew what my grandmother reminded me of at 17. I knew I was supposed to help people some way, and I decided, well, I’m going to be another jack campfield. But it never quite worked because I just went into that new set of rules of jack campfield.

[20:13] Bobbi: That’s right.

[20:15] Vince: And then big wake up call number four, mary came into my life, and that’s an interesting story. As you read in the book, we had known each other for ten years, and there was some weird energetic attraction when I first met her, and it kind of went by the wayside. I was a good husband. I didn’t want there was no physical attraction at that point, but definitely an energetic one. And the same friend that introduced us before reintroduced us and let us know, hey, you’re both getting a divorce. Maybe you could help each other. So we became drinking buddies and just talking through things. And she shared more about spirituality, and the more she shared about spirituality, the more I thought she was wrong. And don’t get me wrong, I grew up Catholic.

[21:11] Bobbi: That’s right.

[21:11] Vince: We believed in God, but what do you mean we’re all one? What do you mean that we affect each other? Type of thing. So being the scientist that I am, I delved into the world of science. And the deeper I got into science, the more I proved it right. So the wake up call of her coming back into my life and really getting me to see the connection of science and spirituality, I found myself a little bit more because I could live in both worlds. And being able to live in both worlds, I saw how that was a gift and talent to help others understand that spirituality is not necessarily woo woo because science backs it up, because I.

[22:01] Bobbi: Think a lot of people do think it’s woo woo. Yeah, I did. So what is some of that science? What tipped that over for you? Yeah, there’s real scientific grounding here.

[22:15] Vince: Well, the quantum physics world is definitely huge in the fact that we’re all energy. That energy affects each other. It’s other energies once they come in contact with each other. So entanglement entrainment. When two vibrations come together, the lower vibration will always seek the higher vibration. Non locality. I’m here, but my energy affects you, where you’re at right now. All of those things really started helping me see what she was sharing, and then the light bulb came on. Well, what don’t I know? What hasn’t been shared with me? What does the world around me even know? And what can we find out, and how can we use that to help ourselves?

[23:12] Bobbi: Yeah, that’s a big question. What was it? What don’t I know? So how did you go about answering that?

[23:22] Vince: Well, the interesting thing, and this happened at the Jack Can Field workshop. I said to myself, I’ve spent years knowing there’s something missing, so I’m going to try everything that comes in front of me. Take a belief that this is in my life right now for a reason, and if it pops up, I’m going to do it. If I meet someone new and they have a conversation with me, I’m going to listen to the conversation. And only after I understand it will I choose, is it for me or not.

[24:03] Bobbi: That is great practice.

[24:05] Vince: Yeah. So that was a wonderful mantra, and I was able to do it. And that just opened me up to more and more things. And there are some things I said, now this doesn’t work for me, but because I started proving so much through the science, I started paying more and more attention. And there were some really interesting things that happened to me on the journey.

[24:30] Bobbi: Yeah, I’m glad you brought that up, because that was one of the things in the book that I noticed. And I don’t know how exactly you put it, but basically it was because I think a lot of us think, I know myself really well. But there came a point where it seemed like you’re like, okay, I know myself, but there’s something more. Even to have that realization that maybe there’s more I need to know or there’s more that I could know. So was that the main way that you kind of explored that just by opening yourself up to new people and opportunities?

[25:08] Vince: Well, the opportunities just showed up, and I think we’re all that way, especially entrepreneurs that are very successful, the C suite people, the higher level management people. And it really doesn’t. I’m mentioning that group of people because that’s the group of people that I spent a lot of time with before I truly awakened to what was out there for me. But it happens for all of us. And I think we know that there’s something missing. I think we know that there’s more, that we’re being called to more, but we’ve been taught that the answer is maybe the next job or the next person or the next thing. And we get wrapped up in finding those things, and then we miss all the messages, all the signs, all the intuitive hits, all the guidance that we’re getting to pull us in that direction because we’re paying attention how we were taught it’s supposed to look.

[26:21] Bobbi: That’s right. And that can be hard to overcome.

[26:27] Vince: Extremely. Yes. Sometimes you just have to fall on your face a few times to get there. And if we listen to those conscious wake up calls and we help each other in the conscious wake up, it’s a lot easier to flow into the knowingness that there is a different way. And if we start understanding that, then energetically, we’re going to attract proof of the other way.

[27:03] Bobbi: Right. Okay, and why is that?

[27:07] Vince: Well, energetically likes attract likes.

[27:10] Bobbi: Right.

[27:12] Vince: Yeah. The law of attraction. And that’s really who we are at the core, that we’re truly here to live that life. So we’re going to naturally want to flow towards that energetic state. And as we flow towards that energetic state, our vibration is going to rise, and we’re going to be more in touch with who we are and then more in touch with who we are.

[27:37] Bobbi: Okay. Because I totally believe in that. I mean, the whole thing about when I was in grad school, one of our professors said, you know, like, when you’re out and you’re golfing and you’re near the woods or near a body of water and you’re like, don’t hit the ball in the lake. The ball goes right in the lake. So how do we allow more of that? You said the energetic flow. How do we invite more of that, or how do we get into that more?

[28:06] Vince: Well, the one thing that I would like to see is each and every one of us to hear the calling and then what’s that calling towards? Because I believe, like I said, that we bring the difference in the world and we have a unique purpose. And that unique purpose isn’t just our why. It’s the who of we are. It’s what we have to offer the world and then why we’re here. And you have to know all three of those and bring them all together to truly understand that you’ve been living your purpose all along. And once you can see you’ve been living it all along, it strengthens your desire to make that difference even more than you felt it before.

[28:58] Bobbi: Okay, and what were the three things again? Vince?

[29:01] Vince: So your quintessence and your quintessence is the real and concentrated essence of you. So if we’re all energy, we have a vibration. That vibration resonates out into the world, and other people feel it. And one of the most interesting things about understanding that we have this energy, this quintessence, is sometimes we’re around people and we’re just drawn to them, attracted to them, because we’re feeling who they are. And then, unfortunately, if somebody’s not truly in alignment with that essence, then we start questioning or worrying about it, because how they’re showing up doesn’t match the energy. So there’s chaos inside of us trying to figure it out. But I have learned, Bobbi, over time, that most of what we give to the world and we share to the world is the energy of who we are. And people follow our examples because they feel good around us. So that’s why the who of us, that energy of us is so important. Okay, then the second part we like to call your gift. And it’s the gift that you’ve been given, but it’s also the gift that you give that’s the combination of gifts and talents. This is what really makes you unique, because our combination of gifts and talents, there’s no one in the world with the exact same combination. So it’s the combination of gifts and talents. And then as I started sharing and helping people find their unique purpose, I also learned that about 15 to 18 years old, we develop a process that we deliver these gifts and talents. It shows up in how we have a relationship. It shows up in how we do our jobs. So when you bring that process into the mix, now you’re really seeing, okay, this is how I make that difference, by sharing these gifts and talents and using my process. And then the third part of it, we call your Divine Intent. Divine Intent because I believe it’s the intent that you brought into the world and because you brought it in, there’s got to be divinity in it.

[31:34] Bobbi: That’s right.

[31:35] Vince: And that’s the difference. That’s your mission. So many of us think that, well, I really enjoy flying airplanes and flying airplanes. When I do that, I get to take people to their families. I get to take them to their jobs, and this makes them happy. So that’s my purpose. But it’s not. The depth of my purpose is when I do this for people and they have those feelings, how do I change the world? How do I change the universe? How do I expand the universe? That’s the divine intent much, much deeper.

[32:23] Bobbi: The second thing you said, and you were talking about your process, can you give me an example of what you mean by your process there? When you said between 15 and 18, you develop your process?

[32:33] Vince: Yeah. What’s the best way to do that? So I worked with a young man, his name was George, and I’m going to try to bring the steps of this process in. So you have to bear with me a little bit. But as we uncovered the steps, it was like I survey the surroundings, I feel the energy of the people around these surroundings. I find a way to connect with these people. In that connection, I learned how to best satisfy their need for the way they need to raise their vibration. I’m making this all up because I can’t remember it. I deliver that product and then make sure that and I fine tune it if it needs fine tuned to help them go to the next level. And then I celebrate that’s somewhat what his process was. So then after we uncovered the process, we went and looked at he was a DJ, and he followed those steps all the way through. He fixed the environment, he took care of the people. He found out what they needed, he provided what they needed. He changed the music up if it wasn’t working energetically, interesting. And then he celebrated. He was also a website developer. And we went back and we walked through and that process was all the way through it. Then I said, okay, pick a friend that you have, and we walk through how he developed that friendship. And the process is there also. So what I feel these three parts of our unique purpose, we call it your unique purpose blueprint because it’s truly that blueprint that we brought in. So if you can take your blueprint in a situation or a circumstance shows up in your life in this circumstance, am I making that difference? Would I be living my divine intent if I’m in this circumstance? And the answer is yes, I am or no, I won’t be, or maybe not? As much as something else.

[35:10] Bobbi: Okay.

[35:11] Vince: So it will help me live my divine intent fully. Can I use my gifts and talents and my process by making that difference in this situation?

[35:22] Bobbi: Wow.

[35:23] Vince: And if the answer is yes okay. Now, you know that you’re going to be doing the things that you’re good at and the things that you enjoy in your life. Well, you’re not going to find a higher vibration than doing what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing.

[35:40] Bobbi: Right.

[35:40] Vince: Which means then you remove the rocks and the grass and the mud and everything that you have around your heart, and you let the light of your quintessence shine out. So you’re living the fullness of all parts of your purpose.

[35:56] Bobbi: I love that because using George, I think that’s who you said, George your example. It doesn’t matter if he’s a DJ, a website designer. It doesn’t matter if he could be a waiter. It doesn’t matter. So it moves purpose away from occupation to who you are.

[36:15] Vince: Yeah. And the interesting thing is, and I’ve been able to do it with every single person, we find the three parts of your purpose, and I’ll show you where you’ve been living your purpose all along.

[36:28] Bobbi: I bet you that’s really powerful for people.

[36:31] Vince: Extremely. Because one, it starts giving them confidence that I do have a reason I’m here, and immediately gives your life meaning. And there’s so many people missing meaning in their life. 85% of the workforce in the world, not just our country, in the world, is dissatisfied, and it’s because they believe their life has no meaning with the work that they’re doing.

[37:01] Bobbi: Yeah.

[37:03] Vince: So show them their purpose. Boom. It opens it right up.

[37:07] Bobbi: Yeah. I also think the thing is, too, so many people, there’s this whole thing around purpose, purpose, anxiety. I got to find my purpose. I got to find my purpose. I got to find my purpose. And I think that if you understood that you’re living it your whole time, it’s like, why wouldn’t it have different I think the essence of it would stay the same because the essence of you stays the same, but the way it maybe is manifested might change over your life. Is that a fair way of saying that?

[37:35] Vince: Well, it definitely as you’re in the higher vibration, it’s going to manifest at a higher level because you’re attracting everything that you need to step up to that next level.

[37:47] Bobbi: Yeah. Wow. So is that the work that you and Mary do at Imagine Miracles?

[37:52] Vince: We have what we call the miracle life method, and it’s discovering, creating, and living the life that you’re meant to live. And we all need to live that life because we might be the puzzle piece for the next ten people to find out how they fit into the world. So the discover part of it is finding your unique blueprint. We call that class take a quantum leap and we help people tap into their guidance, their knowingness, to find the answers to the three parts of their purpose for two reasons. One, I can tell you how to be a great Vince, but I can’t tell you how to be a great Bobbi. That’s right. You have to find out for yourself. So that opens that door. But then also, if you don’t uncover the answers yourself, the tendency is not to believe it. But when you find the answers, now, there’s some solidification of the answers. First of all, most of the time you wouldn’t have come up with those answers before. And it’s like, okay, I came up with these answers. Obviously it’s something for me and not Vince telling me that that’s how I’m supposed to live.

[39:22] Bobbi: Right, that’s powerful. Can you speak a little bit to when you called it their knowingness what you mean by that?

[39:33] Vince: So from Vincent’s standpoint, I believe that there’s one true energy. I call it god, other people call it source, other people call it universe. We hear that rhetoric all the time. So that energy has streams. And in the streams of energy there has to be expansion, and the expansion can only happen in a world. So these streams of energy we chose, we raised our hand and said, I want to represent this stream or these streams of energy to expand it. And that’s what we come to earth to do that. Well, there’s all different frequencies of that energy. There’s the higher vibrations, and then we represent the lower vibrations here on earth or whatever planet, if you want to talk about the different planets, the different experiences of the world. But just because we’re here on Earth doesn’t mean that we can’t tap into the higher frequencies of that energy stream. Yeah, so we have a nonphysical part of us, that nonphysical part of us. Some people call it the soul, some people call it the higher self. That nonphysical part of us is at a higher vibration, and it’s connected to the wholeness of the universe, the wholeness of source. That part of us never forgets. It knows why we’re here. It doesn’t have to go through the experiment, if you will.

[41:17] Bobbi: Right.

[41:18] Vince: So that knowledge, that information is available to us, it’s part of us at that frequency that’s nonphysical. But then there’s other frequencies. Some people call it their guides, some people call it the archangels, whatever you call it. It’s the higher frequencies of the energy streams. We all have the ability to tap into that. We just haven’t been taught how. And we’ve been taught not to believe it. That it’s, woo woo. That there’s something wrong with you if you tap into it. And I was one of those people that believe that. But when certain circumstances show up in your life, you just have to pay attention to it. And I and Mary, we want to help people tap into that information and step into their purpose and not live the wake up calls like I had to live.

[42:18] Bobbi: Yeah. I think that’s really powerful. And I was kind of wondering, too, with the knowingness and this relates to something else you said. Oh. You said that you could tell me how to be a good Vince or a great Vince, but you can’t tell me how to be a great Bobbi. I wonder how much in our society we’ve become accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for the answer.

[42:42] Vince: We’re taught 100% to do that.

[42:45] Bobbi: Yeah. And yet so many times, like in coaching, we always say, the client is whole. You are resourceful. We have the answers. It’s just either we don’t trust ourselves to have them or I think another thing is our minds and our lives are always busy and we don’t allow ourselves I don’t know if you want to call it the margin, the space, whatever that is to tap into it.

[43:13] Vince: Well, let’s face it. Each generation teaches what they know best and what they believe.

[43:21] Bobbi: That’s right.

[43:22] Vince: And I don’t care who you are, no matter what’s happened in your life, no matter how bad you think your parents were or how great you thought they were, all they were doing is the best they could to help you be the best that you could be. Is it misled sometimes? Of course it is. But society one has shut down the fact that we can tap into that information. It shut down the fact that just because it worked for someone else that it’s not okay for you to not do it their way because it worked for them. So it has to work for you. Almost gave a double negative there, really. I think parents are here to keep their kids safe, to help them develop their own belief systems, to support them instead of giving them hours. But it’s a hard thing to do because somebody will tell you you’re not a good parent if you don’t make sure they do it this way or that way or this way. And no matter what device you’re on, there’s somebody telling you how you can be happy or the best way to do something. And we have a tendency in society right now to follow the rules because those older than us would know best. Or if it worked for you to be spectacular doing what you did, then I can be spectacular too, if I follow you. And we just got to move beyond that. We’ve got to look at things from a new paradigm.

[45:06] Bobbi: That’s right. I want to respect your time, and we’re nearing the end of our time. But if someone’s listening and they’re like, what would be a good step forward for someone right now?

[45:20] Vince: I think the best step forward is to acknowledge, first of all, where you feel like there’s something missing or where there’s a calling to something else. If you keep knowing that, oh, I want to do this or this looks like it’s a lot of fun. Pay attention to that because it’s so important to realize that back to quantum physics, there are no mistakes or coincidences in our universe. The things that are showing up in front of you are showing you and pulling you in the direction that you need to go. It might be something that makes you unhappy and know that you want to be someplace else or it might be something that oh, I know I’m supposed to be there because it just keeps showing up in my life and you follow it that way. So I think that’s huge right there. Second of all, to realize that we’re all unique and special and in our uniqueness is where we’re going to make the difference in the world. But it’s also the place that if we don’t acknowledge our uniqueness, we can get held up, we can get stuck. And then the third thing is that we’re truly multidimensional, which means, yes, we can tap into our guidance, we can live in that higher vibration, but we also are here on Earth and we have to know how to navigate the 3D world, which means we have to understand how we’ve been programmed in our own beliefs. Yeah, and nobody else programmed our beliefs. We chose to accept them even if it was just as a sponge as a child, we took them on. That’s why you can have two kids in the same family and they’re completely different. It’s because which beliefs you chose to hold on to, which ones to let go of, but then to also realize that there’s part of us that was formed to protect us from traumatic situations. There are subpersonalities and those subpersonalities are here to protect us at all cost and they don’t care if you’re unhappy just so you’re safe.

[47:41] Bobbi: That’s right.

[47:42] Vince: We have to realize that they’re there. And this goes a lot against a lot of self help information out there, Bobbi, but I don’t believe when you hear edge the ego out or get out or do away with the ego, you can’t do away with your subpersonalities. They’re truly part of you. So how do you get them to start to work with you and not against you to keep you safe? And I think that the most fun thing for me through all of it is to realize that they can come over to your side and when they do, they are very helpful. But we have to remember if we formed a subpersonality at five years old, that subpersonality doesn’t get any older than a five year old though when you’re trying to get it to work with you, you have to work with a five year old so you can’t reason with that personality. You have to help it see that the fun and the excitement is by being a new way.

[48:58] Bobbi: Yeah, that is a great way to look at it too. And as soon as you said that, we formed it when we’re a five year old. So that’s the age of them. Like that explains something because you can’t reason with a five year old. Wow, that’s really good. That’s really powerful. So tell us a little bit more about your work and where people can learn more.

[49:21] Vince: Definitely. So Imagine Miracles is truly those three steps. We want to help you discover that purpose blueprint. So your unique purpose blueprint. And then we take you the next step and support you in creating life around that. So understanding how energy works and how to use that to transform your life, realize what’s going to get in the way and how to work with those subpersonalis and beliefs so you can navigate and create that life. And then the third part of, I guess, the trifecta is now do you understand quantum physics? Do you understand that you were born at a certain time, certain place, and in that time and place, the universal energy, the universe’s energy, was a certain way, and that’s what you represent here on Earth. So how you can use the universal energies to help you. And I understand that that sounds like it’s way out there, but people believe in astrology. People believe in so many different things. And when you realize that you truly are a representation of energy, it makes sense. How the planets were, how the universe was, was the stream of energy that you brought in. And now you can start living from that place. But also to understand universal laws, understand how you can use science and understand science to help you live life. Because our desire to imagine miracles through taking people through those three processes is to really, truly understand that we each have to make our difference to get the world to go where the world is going to. We consciousness away from the mind. Me, my, to ours, we us. And that’s where the world’s truly going to change. What do they say? Heaven and Earth come together through that aspect. So we really want to help people on that journey, and that’s why I’m here. My divine intent is to raise the vibration of the world and open hearts. Yeah, that’s a whole nother story about, as you read in the book, about understanding and making the connection to energy. We didn’t get there today, but maybe we can do this again sometime and share that aspect.

[51:55] Bobbi: That’s what I was thinking because there’s so much to cover and I’m really trying not to try to cover everything in one interview. So I’d love that.

[52:04] Vince: Me too. Me too. Great. Time.

[52:06] Bobbi: Good. So, real quick, how can people reach out to you if they want to? And I’ll also put in the show.

[52:12] Vince: Notes the quickest and easiest way. Just go to imaginemiracles.com unyielded.

[52:22] Bobbi: Nice.

[52:23] Vince: There are some free gifts there. You can connect to our website from there. Imagine Miracles is the website, but you can learn more about us. I’ve got, I think, three free gifts there. Matter of fact, the first five people that go to there and choose what we call a your life, your way breakthrough session, you get a free session with either Mary and I. We’ll talk about your divine intent, we’ll talk about your purpose, what’s in the way of it right now, and how can we move to the next step.

[52:54] Bobbi: Nice. I appreciate you offering those gifts too. That’s always really nice. It’s nice for the listeners.

[52:59] Vince: You’re so welcome.

[53:01] Bobbi: Well, thank you so much, Vince, for coming on and sharing all this. It’s been a real pleasure.

[53:06] Vince: Thanks for having me. And thanks for the difference you’re making in the world.

[53:09] Bobbi: Bobbi, I hope that you enjoyed that conversation and that you found it enlightening. I find that the more that I study in this area, the more questions or the more I want to learn in this area. So I hope that you are enjoying that as well. If you’ve not done so already, now is a great time to hit that subscribe button so that you never miss another episode. And remember, I’ve recently launched when you sign up for my newsletter on my website, when you sign up for my newsletter, which is called Find Your Forward, you get my free five day email course called Find Your Forward Fundamentals, where I walk you through the fundamentals of how you can always find your next step and find your way forward in life. And with that, I hope that you have a terrific week and that you continue to thrive no matter what our channel.

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