Rise & Thrive – Foolproof Way to Start a New Habit

We all struggle to make new habits and alter our behavior. Yet, despite the number of times you remind yourself or the number of sticky notes you place around you, it barely works. Although people believe that it is due to lack of discipline, habits are more about systems or processes than discipline.  If you want to start a new routine, stack it with an established practice that you do at any cost.  This simple but powerful trick can open up tremendous new doors for you. As always, make sure to rise and thrive! I am here to back you up!

Show Notes

Step 1 – Think about a new action you want to turn into a habit.

Step 2 – Think about all the activities you do daily without fail.

Step 3- Find an established habit that fits the new practice. 

Step 4 – Stack the two actions together. Then when you make the established habit, make sure to the new practice immediately.