Rise & Thrive – My Mantra of Life

Rise & Thrive Series
Rise & Thrive Series
Rise & Thrive - My Mantra of Life

Most of us desire to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. However, no one ever knows when we will discover our life’s purpose. Finally, however, there comes the point in our lives where we find it out, on our own. My guests today are two gentlemen who help the entrepreneurs in living out their purpose and legacy. Nikhil Agharkar, a serial entrepreneur and business development executive, and Casey Berman, entrepreneurial strategy executive, researcher, and a former attorney, join us today to discuss how to figure out your North Star and why that matters while ensuring that you are not just creating a hamster wheel for yourself.

Show Notes

Beyond Automatic Future – The future that seems predictable based on our current circumstances and where we’ve been so far does not necessarily reflect our true potential for the future.

Fundamental Truth #1 – The future can be changed. It’s not set in stone.

Fundamental Truth #2 -  YOU can change your future. You don’t need someone to rescue you because you can be your own hero.

Fundamental Truth #3 – You don’t have to wait. There is no magical time to start.

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