Rise & Thrive – My Mantra of Life

Welcome to Rise & Thrive, our new addition to the UnYielded podcast. In this series of short segments, I’ll be coming to you with nuggets of inspiration that are intended to be fuel for you, your week, and your life. There had been plenty of times that I hardly had my head above water. But, later on, I realized that neither of them resulted from bad luck or random occurrence. Instead, they were there to show me how to rise and thrive above them. Whatever the circumstances in our lives appear to be, there’s always something to learn from it and use to become a truer version of ourselves.  Going forward, I’ll be sharing lessons that I’ve learned along the way and new lessons that continue to show up now, as I need to learn them.

Show Notes

Beyond Automatic Future – The future that seems predictable based on our current circumstances and where we’ve been so far does not necessarily reflect our true potential for the future.

Fundamental Truth #1 – The future can be changed. It’s not set in stone.

Fundamental Truth #2 –  YOU can change your future. You don’t need someone to rescue you because you can be your own hero.

Fundamental Truth #3 – You don’t have to wait. There is no magical time to start.

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