Rise & Thrive – Truth About Starting Something New

Most of the time, we are the stumbling block between what we want and what we have right now.  Our beliefs about ourselves and the fears we allow to hold us back keep us away from what we want. On the other hand, everything we wish is simply a set of skills that we can learn if we choose to learn. Sadly, many of us will never choose that.

 If you have already decided that you can not or will not succeed, then such myths will keep you entrenched at the place where you are now. It is up to you to decide whether to create a new reality for yourself and no matter what happens, make sure to rise and thrive! I am here to back you up!

Show Notes

Get rid of the Lies – Every time that we tell ourselves that we are not good at something or that we can’t do something, we are creating that reality. If you want to change that reality, you have got to stop telling yourself those lies.

Learn Skills – Many of the things we think we can’t do are simply skills that can be learned if we choose to learn them.

Challenge for the Week – Tune into the lies that you tell yourself and write them down. This will help you become aware of the barriers you’re creating for yourself.

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