You’re registered for the Sales Manager’s Mental Fitness Program!

Here’s what’s next…

You will receive right away a confirmation of your registration by email and a receipt for your payment by email.

Next, we will prepare for your onboarding week by adding you to the mobile app system. When that is complete, we will send your onboarding email that will lead you through the steps to get ready for your program. (It only takes a few minutes). Your onboarding email will arrive by Wednesday before your program starts.

Everything you need to know to prepare and participate in the program will be sent by email or through the mobile app. The content for your program begins on the Saturday of the onboarding week you selected and will be delivered through the mobile app.

If you have questions or need any support, please contact me personally.

Bobbi Kahler

Founder, Kahler Coaching

You have the power within yourself to make anything possible, you must diminish the doubt and ignite the self belief.

Leon Brown – (Author of All Are Welcome)

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