Never Quit! Another Half Truth

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “never quit” or “never give up” a million times. However, it is only half the truth. Every so often, we pursue things relentlessly despite all available data indicating that they lead to dead-ends. At times, we overcommit to our goals, which results in negative consequences. Hence there are times that our plans should be abandoned, reset, or reframed. That is where the distinction between surrendering and letting go becomes significant.

Show Notes

Letting Go and Giving Up – There is a contrast between letting go and giving up. Giving up is synonymous with quitting, whereas letting go is synonymous with deciding not to.

Time to shift – When done for the right reasons, shifting is perfectly acceptable. However, if you are so focused on achieving your goal, you may ignore the indicators and facts indicating that you need to adapt. 

Fear – If the only reason or the main reason that you want to dump your goal is because it evokes some sort of fear in you, then that is not enough to cause you to give up on it. However, if the only reason or the main reason that you want to continue is simply that you don’t quit, that alone is not enough to continue.

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