Power of Seeing Genius, Worth and Potential in Others

Leaders are individuals who acknowledge and overcome their fear because they are connected to something bigger than themselves. There is always something more important than their apprehension. Furthermore, it is vital to recognize that fear is a natural human feeling. Today’s guest has made appearances on this show. We previously covered leadership, cultures, and speaking up, and he emphasized how the challenges we endure as children and young adults shape our adult abilities. He believes that our fears can act as entry points to our mission. He appreciates supporting others in expressing their emotions and ideas to be heard and assisting them in helping others. Stephen Shedletsky, speaker, executive coach, and advisor, returns on this episode to share his expertise and explore how he helps leaders in listening to and nurturing the voice of others. Also, we talk about how we overcame our speech challenges and public speaking anxieties throughout the podcast.

Show Notes

Stephen’s Story – Stephen shares how he discovered the benefit of assisting others while overcoming his speech impairment and anxiety of public speaking.

Confront the limits – Occasionally, when we encounter a limit, we can also flee or hide from it. Stephen explains why he chose to confront his limitations rather than run away from them.

Bobby’s Story – Bobby recounts her journey as a quiet child to the school speech and debate team.

Overcoming the Fears – We share our experiences with confronting fear.

Adaptive and Technical Challenges –  Stephen clarifies the distinction between adaptive and technical challenges.

Nurturing Others’ Perspectives – We discuss our thoughts and stories regarding ensuring that others’ voices are heard.

Not for me, but for Them – Stephen describes how he learned to use his voice and speak for the greater good of others.


Connect with Stephen:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/stephenshedletzky/?originalSubdomain=ca

Mentioned in the episode:

Are You Owning Your Impact?: bobbikahler.com/awareness/episode092/

Bobbi’s Takeaways

Here are my 3 insights for thriving:

  1. When you see a limit for yourself, you have the option of confronting it or ignoring it or rationalizing it away.  I tend to not like speaking in absolutes like “you should always confront it” but as I look back at my own experience and those that I have coached and interviewed, I’m having trouble coming up with an example of when confronting it wasn’t a good idea.  I know that for me – and it sounds like Stephen as well – confronting our limitation led to breakthroughs that we wouldn’t change for the world.
  2. I loved Stephen’s formula when he shared that in the marines you have to have affection for those that you lead and he said that to him affection is seeing genius, worth and potential in others. 
  3. It resonated a lot for me when Stephen said that it was so liberating when he stuttered over his own last name because that was one of his greatest fears and it happened AND nothing bad happened.  That right there is the power of facing our fear. 

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