The Novice Mindset Could Create Your Next Breakthrough

Although we desire to try a range of activities and skills, we tend to avoid most of them because we are afraid of failing or not being competent at them right away. However, we must embrace our status as newcomers to a new activity as we cannot progress until we act. The belief of being a master at a completely new activity before you begin will prevent you from moving forward. Also, it will suffocate any enjoyment you could have derived from the process. Even worse, it will prevent you from learning and growing and from experiencing the breakthroughs you desire in life. Yet, there are three key elements to consider to avoid this snare.

Show Notes

Tip Number One – It is necessary for you to become mindful of your emotions. Nothing happens unless we are aware of it. Hence, tune in to your feelings and become more conscious of them.

Tip Number Two – You have to recognize that experiencing those feelings before embarking on a new project is entirely natural and human.

Tip Number Three –  You should never assume that just because you are trying something new means that you have to throw away all of your previous knowledge and triumphs. 

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