Scientific Way to Avoid SMART Goal Letdowns This New Year

Greetings to the new year 2022! We have arrived at that time when everyone starts thinking about their resolutions for the coming year. However, most of us completely forget about those plans and goals with time, and they never come to fruition. On the other hand, we will aim for the same things next year. Hence let me guide you to avoid it this time and help you rise and thrive no matter what.

Show Notes

SMART Goal – Most of us make goals for our real selves. However, if you want to make a real and lasting change, it is essential to consider your ideal self.

Ideal Self – Your ideal self is the affirmative, aspirational declaration of who you are and whom you wish to become. Spend some time figuring out your ideal self. 

Start right – First of all, determine your ideal self. Also, be patient. It can be a lengthy process, and make sure to consider all of the areas of your life that are significant to you.

Ideal Self vs. Real Self – Make a fair comparison between your ideal self and your real self. Identify the similarities, differences, and areas to improve.

Close the gaps – Learn how to close the gaps between your ideal self and real self. Now it is time to start working.

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