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Master Your Inner Game for More Happiness, Well-being, and Success

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Happiness, well-being, and success are the result of mastering the inner game while harnessing the practical skills and strategies of the outer game.  Mastering the inner game allows us to move forward with more confidence, resilience, and personal strength.

A mistake I’ve seen a thousand times in coaching:

Someone only focuses on the outer game skills (i.e., sales, leadership, communication, relationship, etc.) and they either neglect the inner game or have a shaky foundation.  The result: they struggle and fail.

What is the inner game?

The inner game refers to internal factors such as mindset, beliefs, emotions, self-awareness, choice, and personal growth, and it determines how we perceive and respond to external circumstances, challenges, and opportunities.

Why did I create this complimentary guide?

What I’m sharing in this guide is what I’ve shared with my coaching clients over the years.  I am not holding anything back because I believe that everyone should have access to this information. I don’t believe it should be reserved for only those who hire me as their coach.

I want to have a broader impact than that.

How long is the guide?

The guide is divided into 5 parts, delivered by email a day at a time.  Each day, you’ll receive an email that gives you a short set up and includes 3-4 links to very short (most around 7 minutes) Rise and Thrive episodes from my podcast.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

Prime Your Mind:   There is ALWAYS a way forward, and you must believe that otherwise, you are done before you begin. This category explores mindset, happiness strategies, and how to adjust your focus so you are pulled forward instead of held back. The brain is your most powerful resource for happiness, well-being, and success and you can train it to serve you better.

Remove Barriers: To achieve new levels of happiness and success we must upgrade our patterns, paradigms, and habits otherwise, these become barriers that keep us stuck.

Take Action: If you want something new, you have to do something new.  Absolutely NOTHING happens without action: no progress, no learning, nothing.

When we become masters in these 3 areas, we are happier, and are more fulfilled and successful.

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