Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program

It’s a hybrid of an app-based program, weekly videos targeting specific aspects of building your PQ muscles, and a weekly group check-in to strengthen the learning. It’s designed to fit into your busy life. If you are interested, let me know and I can share more details with you.


In the spirit of full transparency, because I went through the coaching program, I can offer the program for the same price as it is offered through PQ: $995 per person. However, I do offer 5 additional items:

  1. Because I believe in the power of this program, I offer a full money back guarantee. If you fully participate in the first 4 weeks of the program and you don’t see any value, simply let me know and I’ll refund your money.
  2. If you have a significant other (or family member) who would like to go through the program with you, I offer a rate of only $100 for 1 additional participant.
  3. I believe in the value of this program, and I believe that everyone should have access to it. For that reason, I don’t want the price to be a barrier for anyone. If $995 is outside of your budget, simply drop me an email and share with me what is reasonable for you at this time, and I will do my very best to accommodate that price.
  4. If you sign up through me, I will be here with you on your journey. I will be able to see your weekly progress, and we will be in touch via email to work through questions, progress, and application to your daily life.
  5. Finally, if you sign up through me, I offer a strategy and implementation coaching session at the conclusion of the program to help you move forward.

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