When Interpretation Becomes a Limiting Lie

Are there any things you won’t even attempt because you believe you will fail or be unable to master them? Avoiding such tasks is quite acceptable; if you do not wish to do them. But if there is something you genuinely want to do, regardless of the chances, you can achieve it if you make an effort to learn and practice it. Generally, when we accept a limitation, we likely shortchange ourselves; nonetheless, life is too short and beautiful to have a limitation.

Show Notes

Fact  – Significant disparity exists between the terms “fact” and “interpretation.” The first is firmly based on actuality. It is focused more on the growth attitude.

Interpretation – However, the interpretation is related to a more rigid mentality. Too frequently, the interpretation is accompanied by an inherent limitation.

Yet – How often do you employ the word “yet”? In the real sense of the word,  we have no idea how much capacity it has to greatly broaden our growth mindset. Hence, it is time to renew our vocabulary.

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