Soul Values vs. Core Values (#059)

Soul Values vs. Core Values (#059)

Life is full of ups and downs. And sometimes, these ups and downs bring us to points where we need to change our direction and carve a new path of learning and growth. My guest today is someone who went through his fair share of ups and downs to fight burnout, depression, and grief to begin a new journey toward a better life. Pete Lonton, best-selling author, entrepreneur, investor, mentor, husband, and father of three beautiful girls, joins us today to share his wisdom.

Show Notes

Changing Gears – At the age of thirty-seven, Pete came across one of those points in life where we have to re-evaluate almost everything in life and change our heading. We talk about what that experience was like for Pete and some of the transformations he did around that pivotal point.

Power of Asking Questions – One of the things Pete emphasized in his TEDx talk is asking questions. Pete shares with us how developing a habit of asking questions opens up a whole new level of information, experiences, and valuable life lessons.

Fire in the Belly – Pete talks about the journey of sharing his passion with others via his podcast, “Fire in the Belly,” and the way he’s striving to have deep and valuable discussions with his guests.

Living in Averageness – Another interesting concept Pete emphasized is that when we’re living an “okay” or “average” lifestyle, that comfort causes us to refrain from being motivated to seek higher things. Pete dives into how we can realize that we’re in this infinite loop of averageness and what we can do to get out of it.

Soul Values and Core Values – Pete has a way of looking at our values from a whole new perspective. We talk about what souls values are as opposed to core values, the role they play in our lives and our success, and how we can use this concept to improve ourselves.

Be Heard to be Rich – We talk about Pete’s best-selling book, “Be Heard to be Rich,” the inspiration behind it, and the valuable lessons and message Pete is striving to convey through the book.

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Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you enjoyed that conversation.  Here are my three insights for thriving:

  1. Things happen for you, not to you.  Life is NOT out to get you, even if sometimes it may feel that way.  Sometimes the good things don’t happen, so that there is room for the great things to show up.  I know that I’ve spoken about this before, but when some adversity or challenge strikes, I try to bring my focus to what is this here to teach me.  What is the gift that the universe is trying to give me? 

  2. There are a lot of reasons why goals fail – even the smartest of smart goals. Among the reasons why goals fail:

    • They aren’t really your goals.  You are copying the goals of those around you because of appearances.
    • They are built upon the shoulds of other people – like your parents, a spouse, a friend, a boss, etc. 
    • You don’t believe in them. There is something about the story that you tell yourself that tells you that, for some reason, they are outside your reach.  This one is a dream killer.
    • They might be too small.
    • You’d like to have the result but not the work to get them.
    • They are simply not aligned with who you are and what you truly want.  They are not honoring your greatness. 
  3. I like that Pete uses Mighty Pete as a reminder to show up with greatness.  Everyday, I have a little affirmation that I say and part of that affirmation is that I bring my very best self to all interactions.  What is your reminder?

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