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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your opinion differs from others? What have you felt at that point? Then, regardless of the conditions, have you wanted your idea to execute?

It is a scenario where attachment comes to play. Neither attachment nor commitment always gives us bitter experiences. We need to know where to attach and commit. We tend to believe that things should go according to our plans at times. However, there can be better ways that you have never considered. Our desire should be to achieve the expected outcome. Hence it is best to focus on the result rather than the process. In other words, we should not attach to the process but commit to the final results. That is how we can rise and thrive, whatever happens.

Show Notes

Less Attachment – Have less attachment to the process you need to follow to achieve the result as it is not the most important thing. Also, it lets you have flexible shifts in the way you reach your desire. 

 High commitment – Put effort and be committed hardly towards the result. It will make you feel less stressed and accomplished.

Revise Repeatedly- When a conflict occurs, ask yourself what your commitment is and then revise accordingly. It will lead you back to the right track.

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