Rise & Thrive – How to Spot Hidden Self Sabotage

Bobbi Kahler

The most beautiful thing about our lives is that we are never too late to reach our goals or become the person we want to be. If we want something new or different in our future, we can make it happen. All of it begins with the belief that it is possible. Anything is achievable if we believe in it and if we are determined and courageous enough. So muster up some bravery, and take the necessary steps to alter the present. Then, without any doubt, you can create the best version of yourself.

Show Notes

Change the Present – Your best self is something you can develop for yourself by changing the present. Everything will be the same if you continue to make the same choices and take the same actions that have led you to where you are right now. Changing your present is the only way to recreate your future.

Reap the Rewards – If you are at the place you want to be, that is great. Keep up the work you have been doing so far.

Self-Sabotaging – If we want anything new, we must first believe that it is possible. Although we do not purposefully undermine our efforts, we are most likely to do so if we do not think it is doable.

Spot the Self-Sabotage – List out all the demotivating thoughts in the coming week. Review that list and look for patterns of how those beliefs may or may not have held you back. If any of those thoughts have done so, it is time to challenge them with action.

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