Are You Fighting What Is?

If you have ever had an employer who did not seem to listen to you or who seemed to be self-centered and self-serving, you know how poisonous and annoying it can be. You may first feel irritated in such a situation and think that it should not be this way. You may believe that the boss should be a more effective leader; they should show concern, listen, and refrain from self-serving. However, our reasoning does not alter reality. So, never fight what is.

Show Notes

Deal with Reality – We have to deal with reality. One way to deal with reality is to recognize our choices. However, if our choice is not part of the reality, we have to look at the other choices since we always have more choices.

Make Things Easy – When we ultimately accept what is and then realize the alternatives available, it becomes simpler to act. Your road becomes more evident and straightforward. 

Never Waste Time – We may spend a great deal of time battling the circumstances of what is and being outraged that it is not fair, right, or just. Although our emotions are probably very justified, this makes no difference in reality but wasting our time.

Optimize Your Energy – Fighting with the circumstances compels us to lose our power and degrades our energy. Moreover, it diverts our energy away from what we should be doing. You must understand that debating its presence will not fix or make it disappear or resolve the problem.

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