Unleash Your Ideal Self

As discussed last week, the ideal self is a scientifically validated method for influencing behavior. Determining your perfect self might be challenging and time-consuming. Yet, it can be beneficial to approach a problem from a variety of directions. In today’s episode, let’s dive into some activities that would help you work with your ideal self. Almost certainly, not all of these will strike a chord with you. Hence today’s goal is to identify at least one which does. Also, remember, no matter what happens this week, make sure that you rise and thrive. I am here to back you up.

Show Notes

Ideal self – The ideal self is a positive, aspirational vision of who we wish to be. It should not begin with what we dislike about ourselves. Instead, it should start with what we admire about ourselves.

Never Miss One – One other thing that can be beneficial when attempting to achieve your ideal self is considering all aspects of your life. Pay attention to each and every segment in your life. 

Exercise 1 – Allow yourself some time to jot down the following two points. What would people say about you at your memorial ceremony, and what do you want them to say about you? Answers to them will give you enlightening insights into what truly matters to you.

Exercise 2 – Interview your future self and answer the interview questions in past tense instead of in future tense. This slight shift will open up your hidden creativity. 

Be committed – If we are merely attempting to change, then we might have been trying even next year by this time. However, you are capable of so much more. Therefore, choose to commit.

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