How mental fitness can restore our excitement for life in 3 short weeks (#143)

How mental fitness can restore our excitement for life in 3 short weeks (#143)

November 9, 2018 was a pivotal crossroads for me. It started as I stood on the balcony of my hotel in San Francisco reflecting on my journey. I clearly saw that I was successful in my career, but I felt like my life – while good – was incomplete. I felt like I was falling short in some of the important roles that mattered to me. It was getting harder to hit that “extra” gear that I’d always been able to hit with ease. And, the very things that use to give me energy, were now draining my batteries. 

After trying a whole bunch of stuff that helped a little, but not a lot, I enrolled in a mental fitness program (also known as Positive Intelligence).

Within 7 weeks, my life shifted. Fast forward to now and:

  • I have time for ALL the important things. 
  • I know who I am in the roles that matter the most to me. 
  • I have great clarity on what matters
  • I am present and connecting with others at a deep level again
  • And my stress and anxiety – that have bitten at my heels for decades – is gone.  I finally understand what it feels like to be at ease and peace. 

That doesn’t mean though that I’ve retired to a beach or something. (I actually did try this (think snow instead of a beach though) and it didn’t work.) I still work hard.  I am still busy – but busy on the right things and in the right ways.  I contribute in meaningful ways.  My answer was to build mental fitness also known as Positive Intelligence. 

What is mental fitness?  

It is the ability to respond to life’s challenges and opportunities with a positive mindset versus a negative, neutral or stressed mindset.  

When we build our mental fitness, we can 

  • Take our performance to a new level
  • Bring more of our best to everything we do
  • Improve relationships at work and at home
  • Increase our sense of happiness and well-being
  • Become a better leader at work and at home

Because of the results that I experienced, I have become a mental fitness coach.  The results that our clients have achieved mirrors the results that I got and I’m completely delighted for them.This episode explains more about mental fitness and how it helps us be our best. 

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