Insights for Thriving on Your 2022 Voyage

A ship goes through a process of cleaning after their recent journey. After that, there is a process for preparing for the next expedition. This procedure applies to our lives as well. Our next cruise will take place in 2022. Hence, this time of year is an excellent opportunity to clean up the ship for following the year. With that context in mind, here are some of the most significant insights and ideas we gleaned from this year’s previous episodes.

Margin – If we take a moment to listen to the wisdom it is attempting to impart, there is wisdom to be discovered. Bobby explains how to find the answers in the stillness and quiet of our life.

The Treadmill – Bobby mentions several episodes which will help you to get out the treadmill that takes you nowhere.

Pack a Life Raft – When we move forward with confidence, courage, and resilience, we have a sense of security, even when circumstances are unpredictable. Bobby mentions several episodes which will help you to develop your self-worth.

Practices for Self-Worth – Bobby discusses her insights from her interview with Dr. Adia Gooden, a specialist in self-worth development, in episode 47.

Inner Critic – Bobby shares her thoughts on inner critics and mentions several episodes that will teach you how to manage this narrative in your mind.

Choose a true course – We expect ourselves to pursue our passions and goals. That is great if we know what they are. For those of you seeking to infuse your life with greater purpose and meaning in the next year, Bobby presents numerous episodes that will assist you in determining the true pathway of your life.

Time to Act – By mentioning three fundamental truths she believes, Bobby emphasizes the importance of starting to act toward a better version of yourself right now. 

Contribute to the Conversation

We want to hear what resonated for you and what plans you have. So let us know what insights you’ve had and what actions you will take to lead your 2022 Voyage.


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