What You Hear from Others and Even Yourself May Not Be True (#94)

What You Hear from Others and Even Yourself May Not Be True (#94)

Some of the things you hear from others and even yourself may not always be true and correct. My guest for today believes that life is what you make. Learning through numerous miserable life experiences, by now, she teaches “Habits of Happiness” in various settings, including groups, clubs, church activities, corporations, and community continuing education centers. Moreover, she hosted a radio talk show called “The LemonAid Stand,”  where she featured people who have taken life’s lemons and made lemonades. Also, she is now in demand as a motivational speaker who enjoys discussing how to discover true joy, peace, and love regardless of the circumstances in life. Heidi Alldredge, an inspirational and wonderful personality, joins us on today’s episode to share her story and offer new insights that will leave you with a renewed sense of hope and optimism for life.

Show Notes

Numerous Roles – Heidi talks about the different roles she plays in her life and how she enjoys each of them.

Happiness – Heidi recounts her harrowing personal experience of battling for joy.

Different Stories -  Heidi explains how she notices other people, the stories they are carrying, and what she learned from them.

Internal Judge – Heidi shares her thoughts on the inner judge and why it is significant to question our thoughts.

Feedback vs. Being rude – Heidi discusses the distinction between being harsh and providing feedback. Moreover, she points out that feedbacks come from a place of love.

Five Important Things – Heidi describes five fundamental concepts she teaches, including gratitude, forgiveness, and viewing everything as a gift.

Judging Us - We are all entangled in our actions because we believe others will judge us. However, no one is passing judgment on us. It is just that we think others are judging us.

You are Enough – The majority of us suffer from the sense that we are insufficient. Heidi highlights why it is critical to recognize your inherent worth.

Upgrade Your Happiness Levels – Heidi discusses why she believes happiness is a journey rather than a destination.


Connect with Heidi:

Website: heidislemonaidstand.com
Instagram: @lemonaidstandofficial
Facebook: Heidi's LemonAid Stand

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/heidi-alldredge-67807612/

Mentioned in the episode

Thriving through Change: bobbikahler.com/mindsets/episode051/

Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope you found some inspiration in that conversation. Here are my three insights for thriving:

  1. I am enough. I am not sure if there are any more powerful words in the English language than these three words.   Whatever challenge I might face, I am enough. Whatever problem needs to be solved, I am enough. If there is a puzzle to be solved, I am enough. Those are the easy ones for me as they play to my strength of overcoming and having been an underdog so many times in my life.   I know that I can triumph. You know what's harder for me? When there isn't a challenge. As odd as it might sound, that's when I remind myself that I am enough. I don't have to have an obstacle, challenge, or problem to overcome to be enough. I AM enough just because I exist.

  2. Notice the other person and the story that they are carrying. I loved Heidi's thought about how great it would be if we could have the "Hello, my name is, and here's what I'm experiencing right now sticker." Can you imagine how things much more compassion we would have for others that we encounter? 

  3. Question your thoughts and what others say about you. Everything you hear may not be true. Yet, too often, we accept it as truth. One of the tricks I like to use is similar to Heidi's, and it's just:  if that statement were true, what would be evidence proving its truth? I use that primarily to manage my self-talk. A strategy for assessing the validity of external feedback that I liked from the conversation is: in what spirit was the feedback given? Another strategy that we didn't discuss but just occurred to me now is:  how often do I hear this and from how many different people? 

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