You Don’t Have to Change – Test First

Having to change may make us feel like giving up something pleasurable or relinquishing something familiar and comfy. Perhaps we are unsure of our genuine desire for change. Maybe we are uncertain whether the change is worthwhile. This list might be endless. However, such factors can contribute to the complexity of a transition. Hence we are all aware that a change may be a challenging process. Also, the majority of us have almost certainly witnessed it firsthand. Nevertheless, there is an approach that simplifies the process of transition.

Show Notes

Test First – When you attempt to change and sense some resistance, you can alleviate the pressure and reluctance by switching the paradigm from changing to testing. You are not required to forego anything or abandon what is familiar or pleasant. All that is needed is a desire to experiment and see the results.

Real Test and Look at the Results – You must conduct the change in a manner consistent with a real-world test. When performing a test, it is necessary to take a step back and examine it. For example, in this case too, you must also consistently review the outcomes and continue testing for a specified amount of time.

Three Times – At the very least, three times is the magic number when it comes to conquering your fears. The first time is to face your fear. Then, normalization and proof that this is not a one-off is the goal of the second go-round. Finally, after completing the task a third time, we genuinely judge how much fun it is.

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